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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 2, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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president obama is make good on his campaign promise to end what he's called a done war in iraq. >> as a candidate for president, i pledged to bring the war in iraq to a responsible end. and that is exactly what we're doing. as promised and on schedule. >> the president says by the end of the month there will be just 50,000 u.s. troops left in iraq and the final drawdown is planned for next summer. by then the white house say the number of u.s. troops will have shrunk to final 50,000, combat coming to an end after seven long years. $900 billion spent and 400,000 american lives loss. describe if you will the situation as you see it with our troops finally coming home. >> u.s. military officials in the pentagon and baghdad say they are on track to withdraw
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the remaining combat forces and end the combat operations in there iraq by the end of august. they do caution, however, among troops that remain are some advise and assist brigades. those are american soldiers embedd embedded with the iraqis. there's special forces working hand in glove where the special operation force of the iraqi military in a counterterrorism operation still going after those al qaeda, some al qaeda leadership targets there in iraq. the battle may not be completely over even though the formal combat operations have ended. now to follow up on what general maccaffery had been talking about earlier, one of the concerns is that there's no formal government, no resolution to the recent elections there in iraq. there is still some violence
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there as we've seen recently with suicide bombers, and the question is, what happens if, in fact, the country should collapse again into some kind of civil war. >> is there a contingency plan >> it will be hard to but that genie back in the bottle. can you imagine the political turmoil it would create here in the united states and the dilemma to paraphrase general norman schwartzkopf it's the mother of dilemmas. >> thank you. my big question today, what lies in store for iraq which struggles to provide security and even basic services? you can share your thoughts with me. ill like to hear what you have to say. get me on twitter or facebook. let me bring in news military analyst and former gulf war commander, retired general maccaffery. when you're looking at the situation in iraq, big story in
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the "new york times" they can't provide electricity on a regular basis. the security situation is still dangerous for many of the iraqis living there. >> let me correct one statistic. we talked about 4400 u.s. casualties in iraq. that's killed in action, casualty means killed, wounded, missing. we have 36,000 killed or wounded in ira it's important to remember that. we're only reporting killed in action thousands of these troops comeputeeamputees, faces shattered. it should read u.s. killed there in iraq. >> but more importantly, the number ought to be 36,000 to take into account the devastated lives and wounded.
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>> we have spent to much in terms of not just money wise and i mention that almost a trillion dollars here spent, much of it was spent on reconstruction for this country. if you look at all the men and women that come back injured or as we heard the president talking b-suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, what have we accomplished with all of that time, energy and effort? >> well, we're about to find out by the end of next year we'll be down to literally nothing. the president is committed to total withdrawal by the end of 2011. that's the right thing to do. jim got it entirely right. if the thing devoves is into open war we can't do it. they have to sort it out. it's an astonishing standoff over who can form a government.
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>> that is a battle that has been going on now for months. i want to ask you, before i let you go, general b-the developments in the wikileak story. all those documents dubbed by the website and the defense secretary responded to that information dump on the sunday talk shows. let me play it. >> there's also a moral culpability and that's where i think the verdict is guilty on wikileaks. they have put this out without any regard whatsoever for the consequences. >> what do you predict will be the consequences of how much information has been made public? >> well, i think it's a severe blow not only to our security, but, now, british newspapers are reporting there are hundreds of names of informants or taliban commanders that want to switch sides embedded in that 91,000 document leak. it's been posted in public. the taliban right now are going
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through it. they will try and seek out and get retribution. it's a terrible thing they've done. may well result in the murder of bunches of innocent civilians in afghanistan. >> general, thank you. >> good to be with you. >> later today bp could start the process of stopping the flow of oil permanently in the gulf. first it pumps mud and cement from the top. bp will also pump mud and cement through the bottom. gene beck is a professor at texas a&m. so many things have failed. does this look like this is the permanent solution? >> well, this could be the start it, contessa, but, you know, in everything that's going on out there, nothing is risk free. and this is not a risk free operation. you know, you have to make a number of assumptions when you
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try to figure out how to kill the well from this condition, and the first thing is you're assuming that the wellbore has enough integrity to allow this kill to happen. any time you pump into the well, a static well the pressure will increase on the well. it has to. and that imparts risk, something could break. >> so, already, we have seen two weeks where no oil has leaked. why not leave things where they stand? >> well, i think that's a very good question. it's a very fair question because the relief well operation, if they were going to do a bottom kill on the operation, you can conduct that kill without increasing the pressure on the well any more. it would start at whatever the current well head pressure is and it would reduce from that stop as the kill proceeded. so, i see that as the lower risk
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alternative whereas when you look at risk reward i'm not really sure what they are seeing the reward is from doing this -- the so-called static kill. >> let me ask you about the toxicity here. we heard some claims about the chemicals that's in this drilling mud and cement they are toxic to marine animals. especially of concern are the dispersants used since this oil started leaking. lisa myers, nbc investigative reporter reviewed some 400 study from 1997 showed 75% found that the combination of oil and dispersants increased the toxic effects of oil. how would you rate how the government and bp and scientists responded in terms of additional risk they put on marine life given thouxic these other chaems are? >> well, first off, you're a little outside of my expertise with toxicsity.
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you're dealing with a situation in the gulf with a mixture of oil and chemicals we don't have any direct experience on the direct effect on the wildlife. it can't be good. everything that has happened has been bad. you know, i think that we'll probably find that dispersants, if it's putting the oil below surface, that may not be a good thing throwing run. >> gene, i appreciate you taking part with us today and sharing some of your expertise. >> thank you very much. fed chairman ben bernanke said the economy is improving. he'll discuss the enactment of the wall street reform and consumer protection act in manhattan this afternoon. members of the gop is slamming the obama administration for potentially allowing the tax cuts to expire.
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here's what republican whip eric cantor said on msnbc daily rundown early this morning. >> the only way we're going to get this economy going again is to put some incentives, create an environment where folks are settling down and say hey i'll put my capital at risk again and start creating jobs. you're not going to do that if you send a signal that you say to all the job creators we'll tax you even more. we'll make it more expensive for your to hire people. how does that make sense. >> we're watching the housing sect sect sector. analysts say housing ownership could fall. the dow jones having a good morning up more than 187 points. the s&p is following suit up almost 22 and the nasdaq has risen. police are searching for two of three convicted killers who busted out of prison on friday. authorities in colorado arrested
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one suspect yesterday. daniel renwick crashed his car about 160 miles from the prison. the to worry men may be traveling in a volkswagen jetta. a woman may be helping them to escape. he hit banks in 13 states over the past year and half. how police are now trying to crack down on the grand dad bandit. culture of corruption, ethics scandals threen the careers of two house democrats. how much will it hurt other democrats come november? i really want to try it. fat chance that's gonna happen. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni and cheese just got cheesier. new cheddar explosion. you know you love it.
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in upstate new york a babysitter is behind bars charged in a knife wielding rampage that left 2005 her young nieces in serious condition. it happened in katonah, new
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york. jeff rosen has the story. >> reporter: this is just an awful story. these two sisters just 7 and 9 years old were both home alone with their aunt. their aunt was babysitting them because their parents were down the street at a concert. for some reason when the aunt was alone with two little girls she went on a rampage stabbing them repeatedly and they found these girls bleeding on the kitchen floor. they are in serious condition here at a nearby hospital. under arrest is the aunt. 39-year-old lisa turkki of east syracuse new york. she's charged with first degree assault. police don't know why this happened. this happened in a fairly reiteratesy community in a northern suburb of new york in katonah, new york. martha stewart has a home, her estate across street and down the block from the family home
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is where ralph lauren has his home. police are trying to piece this together pap scary situation and scary 911 call that all happened, unfortunately, with these two little girls now recovering in the hospital. now back to you. a teenager escaped from a home asked a passer by to free him. he said his parents handcuffed him, put a chain around his neck, wrapped the teen as ankles. he said he was locked to the kitchen table while his father and stepmother went gambling. the parents are charging false imprisonment and cruelty to a child. police and fbi are calling him the grand dad ban did. he's hit banks in 13 states including new york, florida and texas. fbi is launching a nationwide campaign to track him down including posting his picture on 2,000 billboards. joining us now is a former fbi
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profiler, clint van zant. >> 25 bank robberies. i spent half my career as an fbi agent working bang robberies. after two or three robberies with a picture as good as we have of this guy, most of the time we would have him in custody. you know, as a profiler you think most of the time you have a serial offender like this guy. he probably starts in an area that he worked in, got family in and in this guy's case richmond, virginia. here we are a year and a half later no one has come forward and say i know that bald, overweight guy whose picture appears on twig. >> is that one of the reason why he's hop scotching around the country he doesn't have strong family ties? >> i think that's very true. you go back to famous bank robber decades ago, willie sutton and you asked him why did you rob banks.
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he said that's where the money is. last year we saw 6,000 bank robberies, $45 million taken in the united states. in this guy's case, in the grandpa bang robber's case he gets about $2,000, $4,000, shows a gun and he's gone. 24 times that's more than luck. >> tell me about this trend of nicknaming the people caught on surveillance tape. it helps police get more publicity to help track down the suspects, correct? >> it really does. number one it helps publicity. newspapers. transition grab on to it. number two from law enforcement standpoint you got to be able to separate these guys in your mind. in my case i remember we had the leaper. this guy came in and vaulted over the counter. we had the band aid bandit. he put bandages on his face. when you say grand dad bandit, police and fbi know who you are talking about but more
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importantly the public does too. that's who will solve this case somebody will recognize this picture. they are going to try to get the $10,000, $20,000 reward and call the police or fbi. >> good to see you on this monday. thank you. as we get closer to decision 2010 will democratic candidates ask president obama to make campaign appearance for them or will they ask him to stay away? first let's head to you tube. an intruder climbed into an apartment, got into bed, assaulting her. her brother went ballist toxic with an nbc reporter. >> you're so dumb. you're really dumb, for real. you don't have to come and confess that did you. we're looking for you. we're going find you. i'm let you know now. you can go tell that home boy. >> that report from wfaa hit the web and has 3 million hits on
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ed the mid-term election campaigns are shifting into high gear and the president may be persona. nongrats. is president obama a help or hindrance. this weekend sarah palin made her attacks personal going after the president's manhood. >> jan brewer has the cahoneys that our president doesn't have to look out all americans not just yazians but all americans in our desire to secure our borders and allow legal immigration to help build this country as was the purpose of immigration laws. if our own president will not enforce a federal law more power to jan brewer and 44 other states who are in line to help support jan brewer in state law, state efforts to do what our president won't do.
12:25 pm
>> charlie skook an msnbc political analyst. why would sarah palin's criticism be at all pivotal, have any impact on some of these democrats who are up for re-election? >> well, i think sort of all is fair in politics although the question when president cahoneys is a little over the line. it's not unusual to have controversial presidents in mid-term elections. republicans had george w. bush as their cross to bear backs in 2006, not a lot of republican members of congress clamoring for him to come in and do rallies for him. that's the case with president obama now. these candidates they always welcome money, they welcome his help on fundraising, but in a swing district most of them are not going to want to see the president or for that matter the high visibility congressional leaders coming into the campaign for them. >>it's interesting, charlie, that the "new york times" reports the president assured nine democratic members of
12:26 pm
congress that if it would be more help for him to stay away he's happy to do that and would understand that. is this a difficult decision for those democrats who are running tight campaigns? >> i think for most of them it's a pretty obvious one. if you're running for re-election in a southern or border south district, a small town rural, kmurks lot of places where some of these democrats are having some of the toughest race, this is a no brainer. they never would have even considered. bobbying bright, montgomery, alabama or travis chilled dress in northern mississippi or walt out in idaho they are not even thinking about having the president come in. there will be some others where, you know, maybe borderline case but for a lot of these, these are easy decisions to make. the white house knows that. they don't need to be told that either. it seems like nancy pelosi is having a difficult time wrapping her mind around the fact that it's possible she loses the
12:27 pm
majority. when christine amanpour challenged her she said we're out raising republicans. mobilizing at the graz roots level. are the democrats doing enough to hold on to those endangered seats? >> if you look at the democratic house effort and senate effort as well they are first class operations. they are doing everything humanly possible to try to hang on to their majorities. i think the speaker, you know, i don't think she's -- the speaker is knots delusional. she understands the challenges they are facing and opted not to publicly acknowledge them to the degree that a lot of reporters would like to see happen. but, you know, she's not flying all over the country raising money like a mad woman just for fun. she's doing it because she wants to hang on to the democratic majority. she's not -- i think the speaker is fully in touch with reality, her staff is and they are doing everything they can. they just don't want to say it.
12:28 pm
>> yeah. publicly admitting it one thing and privately trying to stop it is another. charlie, thank you. deep frustrations. why which dose of those killed in the deepwater horizon in the gulf said congress is not doing enough to get justice for their families. and i'll tubing an ap reporter who traveled with illegal immigrants who were forced to leave their american lives behind for unknown futures. and lindsay lohan out of jail but confined into rehab. we'll be right back. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia.
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hello, everybody, i'm contessa brewer. here's what's happening right now. president obama says the u.s. combat role will end august 31st as promised and on schedule. the president outlined the plan while speaking to the disabled american ve american veterans administration. mahmoud ahmadinejad said he's ready to meet with
12:32 pm
president obama. he wants to hold a public debate when he visits new york in september. a step towards closure. tony bp is expected to begin the process of sealing up the blown out gulf in the oil by pumping mud in and cement. a federal judge refuses to dismace virginia lawsuit challenging national health care reform law. that suit claims congress exceeded its authority by requiring citizens to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. two house democrats are fighting for their political lives facing possible ethics violations and deposition fear it could hamper their chances of keeping a majority. maxine waters decided not to settle ethics charges that she helped steer funds to a bank her husband held stock in and served on the board of. meanwhile new york congressman charlie rangel is battling 13
12:33 pm
counts for violating rules. with me now, luke russert. >> pleasure to be here. >> you're looking at these ethics stories unfolding on capitol hill at the worst possible time for demonstrate. how worry are they about what will happen with maxine waters and charlie rangel. >> it's the first time in about 30 years where we have two ethics trials playing out in the house of representatives at the same time. so, in essence, heading in to the november med terms yid-termd have charlie rangel and maxine waters being on trial in public while voters are deciding which party they really want to choose heading in to these battles. the biggest fear is really among these vulnerable house democrats that really are in rural areas. look at these areas which democrats made real gains in 2006 and 2008, come from the west and south. rural conservative areas, social conservatives.
12:34 pm
they feel this type of trial would link democrats to corruption and ethical violation and something that these guys don't want to see play out publicly. >> when tom delay was facing corruption charges himself it was used in campaign ads against republicans generally never a good thing. >> one thing that a republican told me last week is that part of the reason why we lost so badly in 2006 was because within our own party nobody said okay it's time to step up and get this stuff out of here and end it now internally. somebody has to pull the plug on these continuously egregious scandals. some folks are saying the democratic party will somebody step up and say look enough is enough we can't take the blunt of this in november. this is very difficult. these are two senior members within their delegates. these are folks that come from a very important constituency. >> you be don't see pell taking a stand. she says that's up to the ethics
12:35 pm
committee. what mrs. pelosi said i came here with a promise to drain the swamp, i start this specific office of ethical office outside of the ethics committee. they are saying look the process is working because these folks will be on trial. that being said the democrats want the process to work if it continues up into november. >> you're keeping tabs on that, luke, thank you. investigators are on their way to alaska to find out what brought down a big cargo plane. three people are dead. that plane was register stored an alaskan freight company. four days ago a military cargo plane crashed in anchorage killing four airmen. in buffalo, new york another plane crashed this one carrying sky divers. it crashed on takeoff yesterday. one person in critical condition. five others on board are in stable condition. the wives of the oil workers killed aboard the deepwater
12:36 pm
horizon say they just want justice but nothing with this disaster has been simple. the way those which dose are compensated for losing their husbands is subject to a 90-year-old maritime law and that's tied up in washington politics. lisa myers joins me live with her exclusive story. what can congress do to help these which dose and their families? >> reporter: contessa, there's a lot congress can do and it's not all that complicated in terms of what they need to get done as far as families are concerned. what happened is that soon after the horrible shock of losing their husbands the which dose learned that an archaic law would affect them. >> and he was fine son. >> reporter: five times grief-stricken families of those
12:37 pm
killed on the deepwater horizon have come to washington to lobby for simple just miss. >> we want to be treated fairly. >> reporter: courtney who lost her husband has two young daughters. >> we talk about daddy every day, and at night we'll pick out a star for him. >> reporter: because the workers died on the water, an offshore oil rig a 90-year-old maritime law says families are entitled to only lost future wages, minus tax and worker's personal expenses. far, far less than families to recover in an accident on land. shelly anderson lost her husband jason. i don't think that it's fair. it's saying that jason is not worth what somebody else would be worth if they had died in the air or if they had died on land. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi agreed preen missed the families to change the law retroactively. the house quickly pass ad bill
12:38 pm
to do that. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: in the senate their bill has gotten caught up in a long standing battle. between trial lawyers and maritime interests. and then was put in a controversial energy package over which there is much partisan rangling. >> this is torturing them for them to sit and wait for partisan politics and special interests so that their bill can be addressed. >> we don't care if you're a democrat, we don't care if you're a republican, we need you to do the right thing and to help us get justice for our husbands. >> reporter: anderson calls the delay in congress heart crushing. >> celebrated my eighth anniversary on tuesday and that's what i wanted for my anniversary i wanted it all to be done and have it finished and done with. >> reporter: some people will look at this and say this is all about money.
12:39 pm
>> i want people to be responsible. it is so not about the money. there is no amount of money that can bring my husband back. no amount of money that i wouldn't give back in a second to have him back here with us. >> reporter: a spokesman for republicans says the man running the senate majority leader harry reid won't allow a clean vote on the bill for victims happen reid spokesman said the energy package offers the best chance to give victims what they zephyr quickly. if that fails he says he'll pursue other strategies. >> that is so sad. i mean how do these families even big to heal when the weight of this is hanging on their shoulders. nasa is planning a couple emergency space walks to fix a problem at the international space station. over the weekend half of the cooling systems unexpectedly shut down president that forced astronauts to turn off other systems. repair space walks could begin
12:40 pm
thursday. the six astronauts and cos cosmonauts are not in any danger. spirit airlines have started charging $30 for carry on bags. if you don't pay that fee ahead of time you'll show up with $45 at the gate. the low fare carrier said they lowered ticket prices overall and they say that these added fees will ultimately cut down on delays. lindsay lohan is out of jail. she served just 13 days behind bars. she was sentenced to 90. we saw a lot of pictures before she went in. she left very quietly. reports that a sheriff's van picked her up at the jail side door about 1:35 this morning. dodged reporters went straight jail to rehab. lee cowen in the position of
12:41 pm
covering lindsay lohan. >> reporter: st. louis a free woman although sofrt. she's been in this woman's facility since july 20th and although she was released early this morning she didn't go home. here's what the they are rafs department spokesman said very early this morning. >> lindsay lohan was released from custody at 1:35 this morning. and per a court order she has been sent directly to her next destination which is a treatment center and she will now be under the supervision of the l.a. county probation department. this concludes her custody. >> reporter: now lohan's attorney had asked the judge for a little bit of breathing room hoping for about 24 hours between leaving this facility and going into the rehab but the judge said no apparently thinking that was a luxury she didn't deserve. exactly what treatment facility she's in still unclear. some say she's at ucla, others say she's in new port.
12:42 pm
all of those would be possible option. anyway it was up to the judge to decide which facility she would go to and how long she will stay. her attorney will not say exactly what kind of addiction lindsay lohan is being treated for. that's the latest from here. contessa, back to you. it's almost been nine months since the first of two snowstorms slammed washington, d.c. and now hospitals in the nation's capital are getting ready for a blizzard baby boom. one hospital said 800 mothers to be have registered to deliver there for each of the next three months. that's 75 more deliveries per month than the same period last year. so, you do the math. there's oil out there we've got to capture.
12:43 pm
my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.
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about 8,000 americans have died from heat exposure since 1979 w-the elderly, very young and chronically ill the most at risk. no one sim mind from the effects of the heat. doctors recommend scheduling outdoor activities early in the morning or evening, take regular breaks and drink lots of water. the obama administration expects to deport 400,000 illegal immigrant this year. that's up 10% from the last year of the bush administration. almost every day a plane leaves the united states filled with illegal immigrants, shackled, searched, sent home. these deport zbligts leave from 40 different cities bringing men and women back to their home cities. one reporter was able to tag along on one of these flights. tell me about your experience. >> reporter: it was actually very emotional, that's one of the things that surprised me a lot.
12:47 pm
on board, you know, felt -- people were contemplating about thrive and a lot of defiance. >> in what way? i pointed this out when i was in arizona last week talking to people who were in this country without any kind of documentation that allows them to be here, i asked why in your mind are you justified in being in the united states? what did the defiant passengers on those flights say to you? >> reporter: it was very simple, they said i'll be back. i heard, you know, one gentleman as he was being cuffed said. i heard it on the plane. i heard it at the border. it was something that was said to guards. it was very open. it wasn't something that people were secretive about. something even the guards recognized pap lot of people i interviewed on the flight this was their second or their third deportation. >> we're showing some of the pictures that accompanied your story. when people were leaving did
12:48 pm
they have families who were legally allowed to stay in the united states? were the good-byes emotional? >> reporter: very emotional. you know, every person that was deported had some family member, families of mixed citizenship status. one of the main people i focused on, a man had a 2-year-old u.s. citizen daughter and a wife who was a u.s. resident. she was in the u.s. legally. and they would come to this processing center in suburban chicago and say good-bye. looks very much like a prison with the glass and phone and were able to kind of say good-bye there. some people got last phone calls to family members if they were further away. >> interesting that if arizona senator jon kyl has their way their daughter wouldn't be the u.s. citizen they want to revoke the 14th amendment. sophia, thank you for your story. >> thank you. >> known for stirring the pot here lady gaga has jumped into
12:49 pm
the debate over arizona's controversial immigration law. here's gaga at a concert in phoenix. >> i'll tell you what we have to do, what has to be done. we have to be active. we have to actively protest. >> gaga told fans she was asked to boycott arizona on her tour but decided to actively protest prejudice and injustice. that steamed be the theme last week. treasury secretary tim geitner about the economy. charlie sheen is dine an spain, colorado courtroom. he's expected to plead guilty to a charge over a christmas day
12:50 pm
dispute with his wife. we'll be right back.
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. first lady michelle obama is trying to gives kids' school cafeterias a hand. she's now urging congress to pass a law to make a school meal a lot healthier. in an op ed the first lady wrote we owe to it the children who aren't reaching their potential because they are not getting the nutrition they need during the day. the build up to the wedding was enormous. president obama and oprah and barbara streisand supposedly were all attending and going to cost $5 million. after all the hype, chelsea clinton made it her day. she looked beautiful in a vera wang gown. the biggest celebrities there were her parents. describe the scene outside and
12:54 pm
by people who weren't necessarily invited to the wedding, going to the wedding. >> well, at the end of the day it was a private ceremony, but hundreds of people came out, press and community members alike to catch a glimpse of any celebrity that might have been in town. >> were they able to? were the celebrities out mingling? rhinebeck is like this bucolic, beautiful village. were there people there that were famous and recognizable? >> as far as a-list people goes, the list was pretty short. ted danson came by. a crowd of people chasing them down. madeleine albright were seen about 20 minutes apart leaving the same restaurant. >> you grew up in this county. this is an area that you know very well. what does having a wedding like this do for rhinebeck and for dutchess county there in upstate new york. does this make at it destination hot spot
12:55 pm
>> especially you got small towns that are full of history but being on the international spotlight is one thing that had all the residents glowing with happiness. tell me what it was like out there covering this story with media from all around the world. >> yeah. just as many media people as residents out to take pictures of celebrities. it was quite hectic. in wasn't there the whole week as most of the paparazzi were camped out. traffic was a big deal. getting the crowds and pedestrian traffic was even more. i'm sure you had to use some sharp elbows to get the shots you wanted. that wraps up this hour for me. i'm contessa brewer. i'll see you back here tomorrow. i'll show you how i clear the crowds. i'm here noon eastern 9:00 a.m. out west. key economic data coming out tomorrow. up next, "andrea mitchell
12:56 pm
reports." michigan governor will be her guest. yeah, we really do ♪ - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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right now an "andrea mitchell reports", mission accomplished? not quite. president obama previews this month aensd of the combat mission in iraq. >> i made it clear that by august 31st, 2010 america's combat mission in iraq would end. [ applause ] and that is exactly what we're doing. as promised and on schedule. but the surge of u.s. troops to afghanistan is just getting under way. from the white house top national security official and chief white house correspondent chuck todd. and leading war skepticic council on foreign relation. arizona's immigration law starts a national debate. >> jan brewer has the


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